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Come with us on a journey of discovery at Litpoetry where we read, analyze and discuss inspirational poetry from around the world by established, new, and emerging poets.

The Litpoetry Podcast aims is to fire up your love of poetry and give you the understanding required to more fully appreciate this magnificent art.

Featuring an intoxicating mix of poetry and music, join our host and published poet-in-residence, James Laidler, as he walks you through a tangled labyrinth of mysterious words each and every week.

Poetry is worth it because the reading and writing of poetry is a revolutionary act that has the potential to transform both the listener and our world.

April 2, 2021

Litpoetry Podcast Episode 11: ‘Family Tree’ by Michelle Seminara

This podcast contains an interview with Australian poet, Michelle Seminara, a reading of her poem, ‘Family Tree’, published by the University of Western Australia Press in Michelle soon to be published collection, ‘Suburban Fantasy’ (June 2021).

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This video and audio adaptation is copyrighted, © James Laidler (Litpoetry)

Litpoetry Scriptwriter & Host: James Laidler

Litpoetry Podcast editor and Designer: James Laidler

Email: j.laidler@bigpond.com

Poem Recital by the extraordinary Voice Over Artist, Lucy Freeman, (Commissioned for work on www.fiverr.com) https://www.fiverr.com/major5th/help-you-tell-your-story-with-high-quality-service?context_referrer=user_page&ref_ctx_id=fecc31d9-0a25-4f5a-b555-eba12fc11513&pckg_id=1&pos=2 

Music Backing Tracks used in Video Production:

‘Waltz in Minor C’ by Chad Lawson

'Luna’ by Tony Anderson

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